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Bail Reform Misinformation — 8 Comments

  1. Well said! I’ve often said the same thing in regards to private counsel vs. public defenders.

  2. Anthony what is your thoughts on publicly funding secured Bail for indigent nonviolent defendants. Instead of tax payers paying $6750 to house a defendant at $75 a day for 90 days, paying a one time premium to a paid surety. If the paid surety fails to safe guard the adjudication process the State stands to make 10x the amount. Pretrial services does not ensure court appearance and does not under law of the ability to arrest. It simply ensures the defendant is not doing drugs.. proponents of Bail reform say if a defendant fails to appear in court they will get a warrant. The problem with this logic is that the defendant may get arrested three years later and the district attorney will have no leg to stand on to prosecute them.. who knows if the police officer will still be working if they have good contact information for the victims..

  3. Tony, a well researched and presented article. I would add that the prerequisite position that is held by criminal justice reformers should be challenged as well. Nowhere in their argument regarding indigents do they acknowledge that there is an underground drug economy that is untraceable. They also fail to acknowledge that the purported indigents sitting in jail support their families, if they did, they would not still. E there. Lastly, and most important, often families of defendants that have drug abuse issues, do not want them released. They want them to stay there and get clean. Those of us that have experience in the bail industry k ow that there is no better con man than a junky in jail.
    I am of the opinion that once a person enters the criminal justice system, we have already failed. To address anything other than proactive measures instead of reactive responses, is similar to Don Quixote fighting his wind mills.

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