Carrollton Bail Bonds

Carroll County bail bonds office services the following Ohio courts and cities:

(330) 853-2663


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Judge Dominick E. Olivito, Jr.
Located on the Fourth Floor of the Courthouse

119 South Lisbon Street, Suite 400
P.O. Box 367

Carrollton, Ohio  44615
Phone: (330) 627-2450
Fax:    (330) 627-0985
Hours: Monday-Friday
8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
Judge:  Dominick E. Olivito, Jr.
Court Administrator:  Jewel A. Gallon
Bailiff:  Tim Patterson
Official Court Reporter:  Douglas C. Bettis
Common Pleas Court Adult Probation Department:
Byron Fairclough, Chief Adult Probation Officer
Kelly Strock, Adult Probation Officer
Hunter Borland, Assistant Adult Probation Officer/Assistant Bailiff

119 South Lisbon Street, Suite 403
P.O. Box 367
Carrollton, Ohio  44615

Phone:  (330) 627-2240
Fax: (330) 627-6389
Hours:  Monday-Friday
8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Local Rules of Court

Carroll County Clerk of Courts

Clerk of Courts
Phone:  330-627-4886
Fax:  330-627-6437

119 South Lisbon Street, Suite 401
P.O. Box 367
Carrollton, Ohio  44615

Contact:  Bill Wohlwend
Alt.:  Connie Budinsky

Carroll County Municipal Court
Located on Third Floor of Courthouse
119 South Lisbon Street, Suite 301
Carrollton, Ohio 44615
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 330-627-5049
Fax: 330-627-3662
Hours:  Monday – Friday
8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
Judge: Gary L. Willen
Clerk: Michael R. Durkin
Deputy Clerks: Vanita Leggett, Dolly Easterday, Terri Bedillion, Cindy Swearingen
Chief Probation Officer: Michael R. Durkin
Deputy Probation Officer: Vanita Leggett
Carroll County Victim Assistance Program
119 S. Lisbon St., Suite 402
Carrollton, Ohio 44615
 Victims Assistance:
  • Short Term Crisis Intervention
  • Shelter-Safe House Referrals
  • Criminal Justice Support
  • Support Groups
  • Court Advocacy
  • Therapy & Group Referrals
  • Transportation
  • Victim Waiting Room
  • Assistance in Filing Victim Reparations Claims
  • Follow-up Contacts
  • Domestic Violence Support Groups


Senate Bill 186 enacted in 1994- Established rights for victims of crimes in most cases to have notice of all hearings, be represented in court and to be notified of an offenders status while in prison.
House Bill 335- Preferred arrest policy- placed the burden of arrest upon the law enforcement office, not the victim of domestic violence.
Senate Bill 2 enacted in 1996- Truth in Sentencing- actual prison time, no early releases for offenders.
Megan’s Law, 1997- Established sex offenders registration.
Senate Bill 5- Made significant changes to improve Ohio’s sex offender registration and notification law.
House Bill 490- Enhancement of Megan’s Law.
Senate Bill 9- Act of domestic violence in the presence of children may lead to longer incarceration.
Senate Bill 50- Modifies the list of prior offenses that enhance the penalty for domestic violence.

For more information on rights of crime victims or new laws pertaining to crime victims, call CARROLL COUNTY VICTIM ASSISTANCE at the numbers listed below, or email Karin Taff or Donald Burns-Prosecuting Attorney.

 Phone: 330-627-5148
Fax: 330-627-4169
119 South Lisbon Street
Suite 402
Carrollton, Ohio 44615
Law Library
Phone:  330-627-5605

119 South Lisbon Street,
3rd Floor, Suite 302
Carrollton, Ohio 44615

Connie Budinsky, Law Librarian
Email: [email protected]