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Sly Bail Bonds Ravenna office does bail bonds in the following courts around Portage County:

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211 North Chestnut St.
Ravenna, Ohio 44266

Local Ravenna bail bondsman minutes from Ravenna and Portage County Jails and courts, office location across the street from the Portage County court! We are available 24/7! We can meet you at our local Ravenna bail bonds office, local courts, local jails or come to you!

Ravenna Bail bonds in Portage, Stark, Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana counties

Bail Bondsman in Portage, Stark, Trumbull and Columbiana counties

We have local Portage County bail bondsman doing Ravenna bail bonds in all local courts and jails!

Our local Portage County bail bondsman is minutes from the Ravenna courthouses and jails! We offer to finance with a low down payment on bail bonds with no interest. We have bail bondsman and offices in all the surrounding counties. Sly Bail Bonds have over 100 years combined experience in doing Ohio bail bonds.

Sly Bail Bonds provides exemplary customer service and conveys best business practices to our clients. Our marketing approach is focused on educating the public about their constitutional right to bail. If you have a loved one in custody and you need to get them out of jail quickly please call now. Our bail agents are available 24/7.

Stressful is the typical word that comes to mind when you or your loved one ends up in jail, and not knowing how Portage County bail bonds work can add on an extra element of frustration. Because some of our clients don’t have the means to pay 10%  in full, we offer flexible payment options to provide you with the opportunity to enlist our services the day they’re needed. If you can’t contribute the entire amount of your bail fee upfront (10%), you have the option of making a down payment today and funding the rest later.

Call our local agent to get the answers to the most common question about the bail bond process, and we even go into county specific laws since bail bonds can function differently from court to court – both in how bail works and how much bail costs. Although bail bonds are commonly used after an arrest occurs, we go into all the options that might be available to you so you can be prepared to make the best decision.

Portage County Common Pleas Court

Judge Laurie J. Pittman
Fax: 330-297-5370
Judge John A. Enlow
Phone: 330-297-3866
Fax: 330-297-4589
Assignment Commissioner/Court Administrator

Vicki Bennett
Phone: 330-297-3858


Robert Burgess
Phone:  330-297-3860

Official Court Reporter

Amanda Goldberg
Phone: 330-297-3863

Assignment Commissioner/Court Administrator

Pam Krysiak
Phone: 330-297-3866


Shirley Siciliano
Phone: 330-297-3861

Official Court Reporter

Linda Rumsey
Phone: 330-297-3864

Administrative Staff

Robert Berger


Richard J. Steinle
Phone: 330-298-3232

Secretary to Mediator

Cathy Strope
Phone: 330-298-3232

Clerk of Court

Linda Fankhauser
Phone: 330-297-3644



Kent M. Graham
Phone: 330-297-3879

Judicial Assistant

Darlene Pepper

Deputy Jury Commissioner

Marie Kunka
Phone: 330-297-3859


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Portage County Municipal Divisions

Ravenna Branch
Courtrooms A, B & C
203 West Main Street
Ravenna, Ohio 44266
Kent Branch
Courtrooms A & B
303 East Main Street
Kent, Ohio 44240
Courtroom A
Judge Kevin T. Poland

Tel. (330) 297-3632
Fax (330) 298-3033


Heather Wise
Tel. (330) 297-3629

Deputy Bailiff

Laura Poe
Tel. (330) 297-3632

Court Reporter

Tel. (330) 297-3627


(330) 297-3631

Courtroom B
Judge Barbara R. Oswick

Tel. (330) 297-4277
Fax (330) 297-4283


Joe Beckwith
Tel. (330) 297-4276

Deputy Bailiff

Tami Scott
Tel. (330) 297-4277

Court Reporter

Tel. (330) 297-4278


(330) 297-4281

Kent Court
Judge Mark K. Fankhauser

Tel. (330) 678-6170
Fax (330) 676-0961


Teri Barry
Tel. (330) 678-0947

Deputy Bailiff

Debbie Jones
Tel. (330) 678-6170

Court Reporter

Tel. (330) 678-8140


(330) 678-8137


Portage County Clerk of Municipal Court

Criminal:  Phone (330) 297-3639  Fax: (330) 297-5867
Civil: Phone (330) 297-3635  Fax: (330) 297-3526
Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday through Friday


Phone: (330) 678-9100 FAX: (330) 677-9944
Civil: Phone (330) 678-9170  Fax: (330) 677-9944
Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday through Friday

Administrative Staff
Court Administrator

Nicole Jones
Ravenna Tel. (330) 297-3625
Kent Tel. (330) 678-9683
Ravenna Fax (330) 298-1112
Kent Fax (330) 677-1982

Judicial Assistant

Amanda Casto
Tel. (330) 297-3620

Court Reporters

Peggy Collins  (330) 678-8140
Elizabeth Kehres (330) 297-4278


Magistrate & Staff
Ravenna Courtroom C
Kent Courtroom B


John O’Neill
Ravenna Tel. (330) 297-3622
Kent Tel. (330) 678-9621 ext. 209


Lou Ann Fisher
Ravenna Tel. (330) 297-3626
Kent Tel. (330) 678-9621

Outside Bailiff

Robert Bailey