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Sly Bail Bonds is minutes from the Stark County, Canton and other local courthouse’s and jails! With 4 local Canton bail bondsmen and many offices and agents in surrounding counties. We have over 100 years combined experience in doing Stark County bail bonds in all courts and jails in Ohio. We have over 50 Licensed bail bondsman in the state of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Tennessee.

We offer to finance with a low down payment on all bail bonds with no interest. Because some of our clients don’t have the means to pay their bail bonds in full, we offer flexible payment options to provide you with the opportunity to enlist our services the moment they’re needed. If you can’t contribute the entire amount of your bail fee upfront, you have the option of making a down payment today and funding the rest later.

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Tony Sylvester Local Canton Bail Bondsman

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Canton Bail Bondsman

All our Ohio licensed bail bondsmen provide exemplary customer service and convey best business practices to our clients. Our marketing approach is focused on educating the public about their constitutional right to bail. If you have a loved one in custody and you need to get them out of jail quickly please call now. Our local bail bondman is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7).

Stark County Bail Bonds

Stressful is the typical word that comes to mind when you or your loved one ends up in jail, and not knowing how StarkCounty bail bonds work can add on an extra element of frustration. Call a Sly Bail Bonds agent to get the answers to the most common question about the Canton bail bond process, and we even go into county specific laws since bail bonds can function differently from court to court – both in how bail works and how much bail bonds costs. Although bail bonds are commonly used after an arrest occurs, we go into all the options that might be available to you, so you can be prepared to make the best decision.

Stark County Courts and Municipal courts:

Stark County Court of Common Pleas 

Mailing Address (Not Physical Location)

Stark County Court of Common Pleas 115 Central Plaza N. Suite 400 Canton, Ohio 44702

Physical Location

Stark County Court of Common Pleas 101 West Tuscarawas Street Canton, Ohio 44702

Stark County Court Administrative Office

Main Office
(330) 451-7931
Fax Number
(330) 451-7740
Court Administrator
(330) 451-7707
Deputy Court Administrator
(330) 451-7723

Stark County Judges and Staff

Judge Kristin G. Farmer Administrative Assistant/Bailiff Magistrate/Bailiff

(330) 451-7720 (330) 451-7721

Judge Frank G. Forchoine Administrative Assistant Magistrate Bailiff

(330) 451-7715 (330) 451-7785 (330) 451-7714

Judge John G. Haas Administrative Assistant Magistrate Bailiff

(330) 451-7847 (330) 451-7709 (330) 451-7713

Judge Taryn L. Heath Administrative Assistant Magistrate Bailiff

(330) 451-7708 (330) 451-7716 (330) 451-7712

Judge Curt Werren Administrative AssistantMagistrateBailiff

(330) 451-7789 (330) 451-7760 (330) 451-7798

Jury Commission Main Office Fax Number

(330) 451-7725 (330) 451-7132

Stark County Programs and Services

CHANCE Program (Drug Court)

(330) 451-7036

Day Reporting Program 201 Cleveland Avenue SW, Suite 101 Canton, Ohio  44702 Main Office Fax Number

(330) 451-7036 (330) 451-7557

Intensive Supervision Probation Program (ISP) 201 Cleveland Avenue SW,Suite 103 Canton, Ohio 44702 Main Office Fax Number

(330) 451-7830 Option #2 (330) 451-7745

Pre-trial Services 201 Cleveland Avenue SW, Suite 102 Canton, Ohio 44702 Main Office Fax Number

(330) 451-7451 (330) 451-7874

Re-entry Program 201 Cleveland Avenue SW, Suite 105 Canton, Ohio 44702 Main Office Fax Number

(330) 451-7186 (330) 451-7969

Evidence Administrator

(330) 451-7700

Court Mediation

(330) 451-7703

Forclosure Mediation Program

(330) 451-7728

Court Reporters Vicki Dennewitz Monica Bouchard Alanna Hill Ruth Weese Andrea Welder Tina Masters

(330) 451-7940 (330) 451-7941 (330) 451-7942 (330) 451-7943 (330) 451-7944 (330) 451-7945

Stark County Clerk of Courts

(330) 451-7801

Stark County Legal Division Hours:

8:30 am – 4:30 pm Mon – Fri. Closed Sat. and Sun.

Stark Case Search

Criminal Division Questions
Q.   How and when do I get a bond refund?
A.   Upon the filing of the sentencing entry with the Clerk of Courts, the bookkeeping department will mail a refund to the depositor. If a check has not been received and you wish to inquire about your refund, please call the bookkeeping department at 330/451-7977.
Q.   How do I get a transcript of a hearing?
A.   If an appeal has been filed on a case, and a transcript has been ordered for the appeal, you may get a copy of the transcript from the Clerk of Court’s Office for $.10 per page. If an appeal was never filed on a case, you must contact the court reporter to make arrangements for the preparation of the transcript.
Q.   What are acceptable forms of payment?
A.   When making a payment on court costs or fines, the clerk accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, and certified checks.When posting a bond, the clerk only accepts cash, money orders, and certified checks.
Q.   Where are arraignments held?
A.   Arraignments are held in the Stark County Courthouse, 115 Central Plaza North, Canton, OH 44702 in room 203.

Alliance Municipal Court

Alliance Municipal Court 470 East Market St., Room 16 Alliance, OH 44601 330-823-6600     fax: 330-829-2231Frequently called Municipal Court Office Numbers:
Criminal Division      330-823-6600
Civil Division      330-823-6600
Traffic Violations      330-823-6600
Courts Fax Number 330-829-2231 (Civil)
Courts Fax Number 330-829-2230 (Criminal)

Judge Lavery 330-823-6181
Judge’s Fax Number 330-823-6183

Other City of Alliance Phone Numbers:
Mayors Office 330-821-3110
Prosecutors Office 330-823-6610
Police Emergencies 330-821-3131
Non-Emergency 330-821-9140
Probation 330-823-6181

Alliance Court Hours:

Monday  8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Tuesday             8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Evictions            8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Small Claims    3:00 pm to Finish

Wednesday      8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Thursday           8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Friday                8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Canton Municipal Court

Address: 218 Cleveland Ave., S.W. P.O. Box 24218 Canton, OH 44701-4218
E-mail: Clerk of Canton Court
Criminal Division (330) 489-3207
Civil Division (330) 489-3203
Traffic Violations (330) 489-3207
Courts Fax Number (330) 489-3075 (Civil)
Courts Fax Number (330) 489-3372 (Criminal)

Judge Belden (330) 438-4226
Judge Falvey (330) 438-4205
Judge Kubilus (330) 438-4203
Judge Poulos (330) 438-4202

Court Administrator  
Michael Kochera (330) 438-4231

Probation (330) 489-3218
Comm. Service (330) 438-4214
Baliff’s Office (330) 438-4212

Other City of Canton Phone Numbers:
Mayors Office (330) 489-3283
Prosecutors Office (330) 489-3251
Police Emergencies (330) 489-3131
Police Records (330) 489-3172
Safety Director (330) 438-4312
Police Department (330) 489-3104 (Non-Emergency)
Council Office (330) 489-3223

Frequently Called County Office Numbers:
Probate (330) 451-7758
Common Pleas (330) 451-7795
Juvenile (330) 451-7415
Titles (330) 451-7812
Jury Commission (330) 451-7725

Canton Municipal Court Hours: Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Night Court: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm for minor misdemeanors only

Massillon Municipal Court

Honorable Judge Edward J. Elum – Administrative Judge – Bio
Phone: (330) 830-1727
Fax: (330) 830-1756
Office: Municipal Government Center Second Floor, Court Rm. 1
Mail: Two James Duncan Plaza S.E. Massillon, Ohio 44646-6690
The Massillon Court serves the citizens of Western Stark County, Ohio, which includes the cities of Massillon, Canal Fulton and Bethlehem Twp , Jackson Twp., Lawrence Twp., Perry Twp., Sugar Creek Twp., Tuscarawas Twp., Villages of Beach City, Brewster, Hills and Dales, Navarre and Wilmot.


 Honorable Judge C. Roland Centrone

Phone: (330) 830-1725
Fax: (330) 830-1756
Office: Municipal Government Center Second Floor, Court Rm. 2
Mail: Two James Duncan Plaza S.E. Massillon, Ohio 44646-6690


Court Administrator Jeannie Shrider (330) 830-1729 (330) 830-1756 FAX
Bailiff and Court Staff Greg Browning (330) 830-1730
Probation and House Arrest Rosemary Chapman Amy Smith Sondra D. Troyer (330) 830-1757 (330) 830-1758 (330) 830-2864 (330) 830-2855 FAX
Financial Enforcement Officer Mike. Berbari Donna Lewis (330) 830-2581 (330) 830-2726
Community Service Officer Scott DeHoff (330) 830-2681
Domestic Violence Victim Advocate Zunna Cruse Alicia Rochford (330) 830-2596 (330) 830-2595
Prosecutors Office (330) 830-1718
Clerk of Courts Johnnie A. Maier, Jr. (330) 830-1732
Victim Advocate Dianne Hammer (330) 830-2865

Massillon Municipal Court Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm 

Traffic & Criminal Court starts at 8:45am.

Pretrials on Tuesday

We write bail bonds for all courts in Stark County and the State of Ohio!