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Bail Reform Debacle – Bail Bondsman Need to Step Up — 4 Comments

  1. Regarding Missouri, after several years of trying to get agents together, we now have formed the Missouri Alliance of Professional Bail Bond Agents. Lack of professionalism, ethics, and discount bonds have had a devastating effect in Missouri.

  2. As for Indiana, Madison County the judges do not know the bail laws. They need to be enlightened. Our office is compiling facts of 4500+ outstanding warrants as the city and county judges release defendants by OR AND court or release. This county has been neglected for too long. A lot of people will be furious when the truth comes out.

  3. Great arcticle Sly! We need to talk again soon about that ruling in the right to surety bail case we were discussing in Indiana. Making sure the courts follow all codes, like the qualifications of a surety on 10% cash deposit bonds would do wonders also.

  4. In Tennessee (all over the state) Judges are Violating T.C.A. 40-11-102, 40-11-122, 40-11-121 and 40-11-118. To make it short a lot of Courts in Tennessee are giving almost all Cash Bonds such as Carter County and Washington County is either giving Cash Bonds or giving a defendant a Corporate bond and also giving them a cheaper Cash Bond to the Court. I have been in the Bonding business for Twenty One years and prior to getting in the Bonding Business I was also a Sheriff’s Deputy. I also studied to be a paralegal. If the Bondsmen in TN. would unite and stand together, I think we could have a meeting with all the Judges in TN. and ask them to do their Job and quit breaking the law. We could tell them if they didn’t stop The Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents would be bringing a suit down on the Judges who are breaking the law they swore to uphold.

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