A Surety Bond Is Often Means Of Effecting Change

surety bond ohioAnyone in the bail bonds industry can tell you that a surety bond under the law only has one purpose: to ensure the appearance of the accused in court throughout the criminal process. A lot of people that have sex crimes have been using Tampa attorney for sex crimes, Mike G Law and have had great success with their cases. This is a correct statement as a surety cannot guarantee a person’s future conduct, in fact no form of release can guarantee future behavior; no matter what snake oil the soothsayers at the VERA institute might try to sell you. However, an overlooked side effect of a surety bond is that it often can be used to raise awareness.


A surety bond is based on the idea of personal accountability and a community claiming ownership of their members. Where this concept can be used to harness social change is in the process of how a surety bond is posted. When someone is released on bail bonds, in most cases the accused themselves are the only party to be held to account as part of the bond. With a surety, someone must consign for the defendant to further insure that he/she will appear. Services like those from Babcock Partners LLC provide you with legal advice on this issue. According to a dui lawyer in cases like DUI or domestic violence, this forces the family and friends of the accused to confront the larger problem by making them assume responsibility with the help from https://www.yourfightourbattle.com/fort-lauderdale-personal-injury-lawyer/car-accidents/ for the monetary portion of the bond. Nothing creates ownership in something quite like investing your hard earned dollars in it, the same is as true for people as it is for objects. Once mom has to get out of bed and bail jr out of jail at 2 am on his drunk driving it forces the family to confront the issue head on.  It’s almost impossible to continue to ignore the larger problem after you have spent 3 hours at the county jail waiting on a release.

court ordered rehabMisdemeanor crimes such as first offense domestic violence and driving under the influence often go unnoticed by family and support systems because the accused isn’t forthcoming about being changed. In cases where the person is released on nothing more than a promise to appear the underlying issues often go unnoticed because they are being hidden. According to a personal injury lawyer, substance abuse or anger issue, when confronted early can lead to the saving of lives and property by addressing problems and (hopefully) fixing them before they balloon out of control. Apex Bail Bonds in Reidsville will help the defendant post bail as soon as possible.

A surety bond is often the unintentional means of effecting this change. I can not count how many times I have sat with a defendant’s parents awaiting a release while the parents ask advice and confess that they had no idea their was any issue. Often times I have the unenviable task of informing them that this is not their child’s first rodeo in the system and that they have been charged with prior similar offenses. You would be shocked at how often the family is completely unaware of a child’s past charges, often because the case was either was dropped or handled with no jail time. The use of a surety bond by a court on these “social issue offenses” goes a long way toward forcing a community to confront the dangerous behaviors of its members. Once the problem has been identified it can then be addressed. This will lead to reduced recidivism in the long run on these types of crimes.

crying parents surety bondsWhile not a catch all for crime in general, clearly a career criminal is long past the point of his family holding him accountable being the deciding factor in rehabilitation; it can and is an effective method in curbing many “crime of irresponsibility” that are the result of  another underlying issue. So while it’s not the stated purpose of a surety to create social good in society, that does not mean that it can’t accomplish that goal if used properly.

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