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Hi I’m Big John McCarthy and you’re watching Planet X

bounty hunter open up, open up open the door

the person misses Court or doesn’t pay

the balance you’d be responsible for it

you taking responsibility for the

defender to jail

from always that’s something you’re

willing to do understand this won’t be

payments on the balance so you still go

our balance of 600 which other payment

plan you paid 200 bucks a month

and there’s no money back in my Tawaf

into the case

no headboard you do with me at the

office just all records

I’m gonna then go down to the core close

the bottom ill-effects it over to the

jail it takes two to six hours before

the gear gets tight

nobody doing that I making you a brief

calibrated velvet bail bondsmen bail bondsmen bounty

hunters were the 1882 version of house

arrest you’re released into the custody

of the whoever your surety is which now

is a bonding company back then it may

have been a private individual because

bonding companies operated on cash

before everybody kind of decided that

what’s called surety which in this case

means an insurance company was the

easiest mode of travel so somebody would

bond you out and you take off and you

know it may be a private individual it

may usually a lot of times it was the

state so somebody like me and get the

warrant or him we ride out on train

horse carriage or whatever to wherever

they are find them get them and bring

them back now back then people were a

lot more apt to pull a gun so sometimes

people got killed but you still had to

deliver the body because there were no

fingerprints there was no facial

recognition the body is what cured the

contempt of failing to appear so you

know as long as they could look at a

picture and go that’s him you claim your

award the case would end whatever

obviously they would want you to bring

them back alive more than dead but what

dead or alive man is production of the

body and on our warrants to this day

they say that production of the body or

otherwise be relentless in your pursuit

in this special episode live at X teams

up with America’s premier bounty hunting

team of hBounty Tank and Sly Antony Sylvester from Akron

Ohio watch for the action right here on

Planet X


Harvey can’t mess with Texas

so donate now to help make Texas whole

again I’m not gonna get hurt you know we

don’t want to hurt you get out I told I

promised your mom I would hurt you but

the modern world what it’s come into is

they are now States and not territories

and they have unisza pallets and they

have county jails and there are sheriffs

and there are police that didn’t exist

200 years ago so now you know if

somebody runs to California you have the

option if the warrant is they can see it

they’ll hold them in this county jail

and there’s a formal extradition process

but one of the weird

archaic things about bail bondsman is

our authority actually supersedes

extradition so if we’ve law enforcement

fines in California they put him in jail

in California they have a formal

extradition hearing and they bring them

back okay we can still grab them and

just take the bounty hunters ability to

go anywhere in the USA to grab their

target without local intervention by

authorities is a powerful tool for the

bail industry

I assume we told them talk with $2,000

there’s my guest and then she was like

out 15 okay I’ll buy 15

14:05 okay all right 14:05 who signed

dad dad’s got a job dad probably owns a

home but the kids 19 which means he

probably is a juvie record if we can’t

see cuz that’s sealed in the state of

Ohio and if he was 25 I’d say okay he’s

not trouble for a while he just crested

over the juvenile system a year ago so

chances are this is just a continuation

of his prior behavior it’s just now he’s

in the adult so I DS this east hundred

twelve which we’re going to Cleveland

next anyway so this might lead us back

to Cleveland anyway when we’re going

looking for dancing he uses it Hershey’s

is it is the brother and sister both

used it it’s an upstairs to the building

is it a house split in half I believe so

so so it’s a 1 in 1/2 and it’s probably

got a piece of wooden stairs leading up

yeah but I think that I think sisters

downstairs and who everyone else is

downstairs he’s upstairs so the whole

house tossed me yeah so the whole house

is done he’s gonna be at her place

because she’s gone right that would be

ideal and then if not we got to go

threaten her and her fight or whatever

and then these two are the co-signers

isn’t it – co-signers on the case that’s

brother we have him out on bond – he’s

on the toilet there’s a real threat he

can go right back to jail yeah he’s on a

20-thousand trafficking charge and she’s

just some girl well-wisher you know

so we’d start with her next and then

find him and snatch him up and see you

can go to jail or you can tell us proper

research and planning is a critical task

for the bounty hunter to effectively

find their target without too much issue

and wasted time does hold my brother

he’s a minor he’ll not do this he’s not

in here okay over misdemeanor a

misdemeanor if I knew that we’ve never

signed the papers I’m just as mad as you


I’m trying to find them just like you

are this morning

he was going after Lawrence as a bond

Frank rode out of a creaminess of the

court for a permitting drug abuse Frank

looked into his history it’s on the

violent history he didn’t see much any

history the indemnitor was his mother

essentially knowing a cure municipal

court the way we do if it is not a

felony or violent offense they will not

keep them so we knew it was summons a

bull so based on that information we

decided to approach it with a more

community policing approach that’s not

the right word but it is the theory

behind it there was no need to get

dressed up in the tactical gear and be

heavily armed and attacked that house

when we knew the end result was he was

not going to jail nor was he going to

spend one minute to sell be relentless

in your pursuit coming up next we joined

bounty tank sly and crew on another hunt

in the community of Akron Ohio

don’t see where

be mints be relentless pursuit to

greatness in that gym finish every rep

every cent

pretty warm clothes look out through my


ever say my BCAAs and others I got 50

servings most of things are given to


give your bang for your buck make sure

he doesn’t run you seem like and that’s

why we’re being very nice but I you

would be shocked how many people I have

to chase through that field and I don’t

think it’s gonna be one of them but I’m

a little parent

I’m not even go comfy because you’re not

going to do unless there’s something

that you’re not telling me which is like

a probation or felony warrants on that

ID if there’s something else it won’t be

us taking it won’t be us hold me run

tonight we’re gonna take you down to

Accra Municipal Court to the police desk

in the front good they’re gonna call

your file up then you see any reason why

they would keep him based on you right

so they’re gonna summoned you on the

contempt which means they’re gonna give

you no court date but they’re gonna

release us from the bed okay you’re

going if you know how to get back from

this port no that’s where we’re going

yeah we’re going to the police desk and

it’s alright if you’re 10 or 15 minutes


yeah at the finding poem pull of stuff

from sevens Florida prize okay they

treated me so well

better than anybody I’m telling you what

they are the best in the world at what

they do very flight and I couldn’t have

asked for a better be

how did that case go harder to go than

they was it a big deal no it wasn’t I

was in and out quick easy painless the

load is off my shoulders and I’m a happy

guy approaching their target with

respect and kindness is the most

powerful tool in the bounty hunters

arsenal something that really works for

our crew yeah yeah we’re not gonna be

I’m gonna keep looking in here let me

Ashley is blowing the sheets you tried

to cover up to make the baby

might be more than what we as a

dedicated bodybuilder and fitness expert

bow he takes ability to get into a house

quickly is an amazing advantage to take

his target into custody most people

never have to deal directly with a bail

bondsman so there’s a lot of

misconception as to what we actually do

when someone gets arrested generally if

it’s determined by the court that they

need incentive to get back they’re given

a bail in non-capital cases at that

point they set a bond and you usually

it’s cash sometimes they allowed to

pause to the court varying by state and

jurisdiction and the seriousness of the


I got a black daughter but you thought

you were

basically if like something like

freelance police with less regulation

that is really the 10% of the time the

things go sideways that is the end

result of a lot of other systems and

events that have led you to that point

that went wrong yeah here I’ve got

stacks in his hand singing he’s singing

some Yo Gotti what are you talking about

you got to spit this is being in the


be relentless in your pursuit it just

goes to show there is no stereotypical

person that ends up being rounded on a

pouty pursuit people of all colors and

backgrounds easily fall into the hands

of our bau-t crew be relentless in your

pursuit to greatness in that gym

work out just right here

it’s legit

let’s pursue nutrition the main goals or

what I do

it’s our

no matter the gender or size of their

target our bounty hunters follow the

police standard of using handcuffs for

security and safety needs what

the court generally will issue a warrant

and revoke that bond and put the bond

agent on notice to go get the person and

bring back you know it’s worth noting

that through a system of checks and

balances a lot of times the bond agent

is able to get the the family the

accused whoever the indemnitor czar in

the principle to fulfill the contract

without resorting to that now that’s

what’s fun us two general public that is

what probably sells the best from an

action perspective but it’s actually the

exception as opposed to the rule because

not everybody requires corralled in a

violent fashion I mean it I’m not gonna

say doesn’t happen I mean because it

does and that’s our importance is it’s

you know if we can’t do it by other

means and we move to the enforcement and

where we actually you know act upon that

warrant as their jailer and return them

back to the jurisdiction and you know we

are a privately funded business you know

it is for-profit but we work to the

benefit of the system we work with the

system at no cost to the taxpayer the

bonding company generally bears the

rifts there is a cosign of the bonding

companies the first line of defense and

getting that done and that is a service

that completely absolves the taxpayer of

any obligation because either we bring

back the individual we pay the face

amount of the bond which that money is

then used to fund municipal services

police courts fire whatever general fund

that the city uses to spend that money

on them and they can throw a Christmas

party for the judge if they so chose

that’s it’s civic funds at that point so

that is really the day-to-day operation

of the business be enforcement while it

is vital it is necessary it does public

good it is only a consequence of

something else not happening first

nobody is running in and kicking in

people’s doors and throwing guns around

as a first line of defense I mean that’s

just it may be sensational it may be

something that is enjoyable to watch and

it’s it is thrilling but it is not what

we do every day our primary focus is on

helping people getting them out of jail

keeping them out of jail keeping them

out of trouble

I mean we try to do want someone’s in my


I can’t tell them what to do beyond stay

out of trouble don’t hurt anybody

get to court I mean my mandates are

pretty simple and those are usually the

restrictions of bail hang up down by the

court but while I have your attention

there are times when I try to get on my

soapbox a little bit give a little bit

of ice nudge in the way of a social

program if there’s a drug or alcohol

issue there’s an anger issue you know at

least try to keep the victim separated I

mean we do what good we can and while i

have somebody’s undivided attention

because i’m there essentially their

jailer you know you save who you can

along the way and it’s a decent pulpit

when you’ve bought someone’s freedom

that they kind of a little bit more apt

to listen to you and it also a lot of

times on driving or drunk issue or

something where there’s maybe a chronic

problem the family is forced to confront

the issue because once they have to call

a bail bondsman and they’ve got to see

this ugly mug 3:00 in the morning at the

county jail staring at them securing

their loved ones release kind of drives

home the point that there’s something

underlying even if it’s a minor

situation that needs addressed recently

I’ve been doing a lot of work with sly

bail bonds they are very reputable as a

matter of fact if I have a client that

is in jail that needs to get out and is

is in need of a bail bondsman sly is the

is the call that I make for that client

it’s the call that I tell them the

clients family to make it assures

everyone that if sly bails bail somebody

out that they’re gonna show up for their

court appearances which makes it nice

for a criminal defense attorney to make

sure that their clients are there prompt

they keep track of where everything is

during the course of the case and quite

honestly a lot of bail bondsman out

there do not do that

don’t offer the same types of services

I’ve never had a complaint from one of

my clients who says that the slide

wasn’t right out of jail when they

needed to be there to get him out and

made arrangements for whatever kind of

financing they needed to be done we

wanted to give you a view of our lives

as bounty hunters bail bond in this

family man and a different light is not

the typical which is what you’re used to

saying we’re not going to people’s

houses with tactical gear kicking

people’s doors and testing people out

it’s not what you used to sing at all

you know we’re bringing a different

light to it you don’t have to you don’t

have to to be you know the same is what

everybody else is on TV you don’t have

to do it the exact same way but you can

still be effective and still be

successful we just wanted to show you

there’s a different way to do this and

it’s that you can still be successful at

it but it’s a completely different way

to do what we’re doing in this industry

hope you guys were able to see how we

are you know how we do things and not

what you used to see you know tell

be relentless in your pursuit working

with Planet X bounty t’ankin slyer

launching a new TV series that will help

define a new and more consumer-friendly

BHEL industry as leaders in their local

community this is Aisha Tyler thanks for

watching Planet X watch bounty tank and

sly on the hood its future episodes of

Planet X

we’ve decided we’re going to give back

to the community in a way other than

just interacting biting people are

putting them back into the local jail so

Akron every year holds a soapbox derby

which is a pretty big of man we’ve

decided we’re going to sponsor a car in

that 2018 because painting I build will

immediately fall apart we were going to

put Frank in the car but then we decided

that and this is a very big grade

downhill I don’t think that we would be

able to build a a frame that would be

able to pass their rules and still

support his uh his ample frame

the brightest stars in the galaxy are on

Planet X

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