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Citizen’s Need Educated On Bail Reform – I’ll Take the Monkey Before the Machine — 1 Comment

  1. You have it all WRONG like most bail bondsman.

    The issue is that the bails are unreasonable and high for the average person. $50,000 bail as an example for a drunk driver is without a doubt insane. So is anything over 5,000.00 for a first-time drunk driver as an example. The purpose of bail to guarantee that the person appears at all court appearances. At the time of defendant arrest that person is innocent under our constitution. The only reason they are in jail if a bail has been set is because they are unable to make the bail. This is something that almost all bail bondsman has forgotten or in fact wants to forget.

    The real problem is the judges, commissioners, Magistrates and of course the OR personal that have throughout the years set unreasonable and outrageous bail schedules. THIS SHOULD BE THE ARGUMENT MADE IN DEFENSE OF THE BAIL BONDS BUSINESS.

    The bail bondsman insane rhetoric about bondsman picking up fugitives, defendant can defend themselves in custody and the bail bond forfeitures paid large sums for defendants that fail to appear to the courts is not only lack merit but most importantly no member of either house cares.

    Over 50 percent of the average citizen living in California lives in an apartment and do not own property. For these citizens, these bail schedules are totally insane.

    Any one that has ever been in the bail bonds business knows that 98% of all fugitives are not pick up by bounty hunters. They are picked up by various police agencies. Most are pickup by mistake like a traffic stop.

    The bail bond associations are worthless and have been so for over 40 years. They are only good for is going to a dinner party with others. That have no influence in helping bondsman with problems relating to the bail bonds business and most importantly they never help.

    The Insurance companies exclusive of one, should be having monthly meetings to educate their agents on recording trust deeds, on how to get free title reports and teaching bondsman to work with the fugitive departments of the various police, sheriff’s departments and of course the FBI on unlawful flight to avoid prosecution and this is only the beginning of what they should be teaching.

    Most bondsman are uneducated and never get along with another bondsman. In short, they hate each other. I remember when I was a bail bondsman in 1970 and witness a fight at the country jail over two bondman fighting over a bond.

    Hiring Dog the bounty hunter is totally insane. First, he is a convicted felon and no member of congress is going to take him seriously. At best, he is a TV actor. His physical appearance speaks for itself.

    The only thing that the bail bondsman did that was correct was hiring professional lobbyists who have the connections with the members of both houses of the California congress.

    If you want to save the bail bonds business, then work with the real problem. This means going back to congress with judges and attorneys to work on a reasonable bail schedule. The members of congress will talk and listen to members of the judiciary and most importantly they will reopen hearing.

    Get judges from the Superior Court, Court of Appeals and try and get a Supreme Court justice to work with the bail bondsman’s in setting reasonable bails. This will end all problem and save the bail bonds business.

    If you can save the business then get the insurance companies to force their agents to donate $100.00 a month to a real association that is nonprofit and works to help bondsmen with various police agencies, the courts, the jails and any and all other problems that might arise.

    I wish you luck and hope you can save your profession.

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