Bounty Hunting in Akron Leads to Arrest

Bounty Hunting in Akron

” Not everyone who is accused of a crime can afford bail money, which can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. In those cases, a bail bondsman will step in and put up a bail bond — sort of like a loan — in return for a percentage (usually 10 percent) of the total bail. The bail bondsman will then secure a bail bond from an insurance company. The bail bond acts as insurance guaranteeing that the accused will show up for his or her scheduled court appearance. But if the accused decides to skip town and/or miss the court appearance (which about 20 percent do), the bail bond must be paid — and it’s the bondsman who must pay it.” by Stephanie Watson from How Bounty Hunting Works.

This particular gentleman did not show up for court as ordered and the bond was revoked. His bond was denied and the bondsman had to arrest him and bring him to jail. fortunately for this guy they were able to bring him directly to court to see a judge because it was during the day time. Stay tuned if he was released and a new date was set or was full of shit went to jail….

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