Crawford County

Crawford County Common Pleas Court

The Common Pleas Court Of Crawford County, Ohio

General Division
Russell B. Wiseman, Judge
112 E. Mansfield St., Suite 200
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Bucyrus, OH 44820

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday

(Excluding Observed Holidays)

Telephone: 419-562-5771

Facsimile: 419-563-1914

Crawford County Court of Common Pleas Docket Search Records

Main Telephone Number: 419-562-5771

Facsimile Number: 419-563-1914

Common Pleas Judge

Judge Russell B. Wiseman

Magistrate – Domestic Relations Mary Eileen Holm

Magistrate – Protection Orders Robert Clark Neff, Jr.

Court Administrator Mark Rittenour– Contact Number: 419-562-5771 Extension:1150 (Voicemail Available)

Civil & Criminal Case Manager Donna Fox-Contact Number: 419-562-5771, Extension: 1144 (Voice-mail Available)

Email Address:  [email protected]

Domestic Relations Case Manager

Kathleen Kennedy-Contact Number: 419-562-5771, Extension: 1145 (Voice-mail Available)

Email Address:  [email protected]

Protection Order Case Manager

Monica Hunter: Contact Number: 419-562-5771, Extension: 1143 (Voicemail Available)

Email Address:  [email protected]

Court Paralegal; Mediator: Leslie Mack Contact Number:419-562-5771, Extension: 1141 (Voicemail Available)

Email Address:  [email protected]

Court Bailiff Diversion Officer
Lee Miller
Contact Number: 419-562-5771, Extension: 1156 (Voicemail Available)

Court Receptionist
Evelyn Gubernath
Contact Number:419-562-5771, Extension: 1146 (Voicemail Available)

Crawford County Clerk of Common Pleas Court

Sheila Lester, Clerk of Courts

Contact Sheila Lester

Legal Department
112 East Mansfield Street, Suite 204
Bucyrus, OH 44820
Telephone: 419-562-2766
Facsimile: 419-562-8011

Legal Department Information
Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday, excluding observed holidays

Julie Hiatt, Chief Deputy Clerk
Tamara Anders, Deputy Clerk
Teresa Parker, Deputy Clerk
Elita Wolfe, Deputy Clerk
Janelle Moore, Deputy Clerk

Adult Probation Department

Mailing Address:

112 E. Mansfield St., Suite 203

Bucyrus, OH 44820

Telephone: 419-562-8520

Facsimile: 419-563-1914