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Marion Municipal Court

Judge Teresa L. Ballinger

Criminal Arraignments are held on Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m.

Court Numbers and Addresses

Civil Division 740-383-6348
Criminal/Traffic Division 740-387-0631
Civil Division 740-383-5515
Criminal/Traffic Division 740-387-0125
Civil Division 740-383-6049
Criminal/Traffic Division 740-387-0843
Bailiff 740-387-6247
Clerk 740-387-0439
Bailiff 740-387-1413
Probation 740-382-4031
Criminal/Traffic Division 740-387-0347
Probation 740-382-5947
Criminal/Traffic Divison 740-387-0073
Fax Number 740-382-5274
Mailing Address:
Marion Municipal Court
233 West Center Street
Marion, Ohio 43302

Email: [email protected]

Other Phone Numbers
Marion City Prosecutor 740-387-4817
Marion County Prosecutor 740-223-9242
Ohio BMV – Columbus 614-752-7500
Multi County Correctional Facility 740-387-7434
Marion County Common Pleas Clerk 740-223-4270

What to do When You Appear
Report to the Clerk’s office and check in by properly identifying yourself.

In Court
When Court begins, the Judge will advise you of your rights and the pleas available to you:

Guilty, No Contest, Not Guilty

Guilty or No Contest

A plea of guilty is a complete admission of your guilt.

No Contest
A plea of no contest is not an admission of guilt, but is an admission of the facts alleged in the Complaint or Ticket and such a plea shall not be used against you in any subsequent civil or criminal proceedings.

If you plead Guilty or No Contest, it is likely you will be sentenced immediately. If there are any Community Control Sanctions ordered, the Probation Department will set up these conditions with you at this time. You will then go to the Clerk’s Office to set up any jail time and/or pay court costs.

Not Guilty
A plea of not guilty is a denial of the allegation contained in the Complaint or Ticket. You will be given a notice of the date and time to return to the Court for a pretrial or trial.

Court Appointed Attorney
If you are charged with a jailable offense, and do not have money for an attorney, you may request to have an attorney appointed to you. As of September 29, 2005, Ohio Law requires all persons requesting a court-appointed attorney to pay a $25.00 application fee.



General Information
A bond may be ordered in a case to ensure the appearance of a defendant in court. Conditions to a bond may be ordered by a Judge (limiting contact with a victim, for example).

Bonds may be posted at the Multi County Correctional Center or at Marion Municipal Court. You may contact the Muti County Correctional Center at 740-387-7434, and Marion Municipal Court at 740-0843.

In some instances, bonds are not set until the defendant has had his/her initial appearance before the Judge.

Types of Bonds
Surety or Corporate Bond is posted with a bondsman or bonding agency for a fee. The Court does not receive this money, and it will not be returned to the defendant.
Cash The full amount of the bond is paid. If the bond is for non-payment of fines and court costs, after the bond has been posted, no further appearance in Court required. Otherwise, after the completion of the case, the full amount of a cash bond will be returned to the depositor.

Secured Appeance/10% Ten percent of the amount of the bond is posted. Ninety percent of the deposit shall be returned to depositor upon performance of the conditions of the bond.
O.R. – Own Recognizance The defendant signs a form stating that he/she will appear at all times required by the Court until the case is finished.


Money deposited as bond may be applied to fines and costs due and owing by the defendant or the depositor.

How to Get Your Bond Back
If you posted a cash or 10% bond for yourself or someone else, and the case is finished, the bond may be released from the Clerk’s Office at Marion Municipal Court. You will need to bring a picture ID.

If you have any questions about bonds, please contact the Clerk’s Office at 740-387-0843.