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Lorain County Clerk of Common Pleas

Lorain County Justice Center

225 Court Street, 1st Floor

Elyria, Ohio 44305

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm

Criminal Division, Room 106 (criminal case filings, post bail bonds)
PHONE: 440-329-5538
FAX: 440-329-5404

Judge’s Staff Directory for the Common Pleas Court:


Area Code 440 Courtroom #711, Fax 329-5729

Lisette Gracia, Criminal Secretary 329-5722 [email protected]
Terry Zirzow, Civil Secretary 329-5723 [email protected]
Mike Szekely, Bailiff 329-5758 [email protected]
Kim Meyers, Staff Attorney 329-5725 [email protected]
Jackie Waldron, Court Reporter 329-5727 [email protected]


JUDGE JAMES M. BURGE Area Code 440 Courtroom #705, Fax 329-5712

Jackie Rentas, Criminal Secretary 329-5416 [email protected]
Maureen Martincin, Civil Secretary 329-5417 [email protected]
Joe Tackett, Bailiff 329-5425 [email protected]
Jim Blaszak, Staff Attorney 329-5415 [email protected]
Tracy Reiman, Court Reporter 329-5424 [email protected]

JUDGE RAYMOND J. EWERS Area Code 440 Courtroom # 605, Fax 329-5731

Deborah McKiel, Criminal Secretary 329-5519 [email protected]
Bonnie Spencer, Civil Secretary 329-5518 [email protected]
Amy Barnes, Bailiff 329-5523 [email protected]
Kristen Mackintosh, Staff Attorney 329-5521 [email protected]
Janis Albert, Court Reporter 329-5520 [email protected]


JUDGE JAMES L. MIRALDI Area Code 440 Courtroom #708, Fax 328-2396

Christine McKay, Criminal Secretary 328-2389 [email protected]
Rachel Velez, Civil Secretary 328-2390 [email protected]
Tim Jenkins, Bailiff 328-2391 [email protected]
Linda Butler, Staff Attorney 328-2393 [email protected]
Aneta Fine, Court Reporter 328-2392 [email protected]

JUDGE JOHN R. MIRALDI Area Code 440 Courtroom #702, Fax 329-5562

Jamie McCartney, Criminal Secretary 329-5560 [email protected]
Traci Orlando, Civil Secretary 329-5561 [email protected]
Elza Cannaday, Bailiff 329-5554 [email protected]
Stephen Vanek, Staff Attorney 329-5565 [email protected]
Cathy Camp, Court Reporter 329-5564 [email protected]

JUDGE CHRISTOPHER R. ROTHGERY Area Code 440 Courtroom #602, Fax 329-5700

Yolanda Williams, Criminal Secretary 329-5574 [email protected]
Cathy Camera, Civil Secretary 329-5571 [email protected]
Rob Bennett, Bailiff 329-5572 [email protected]
Joseph Falbo, Staff Attorney 329-5573 [email protected]
Angela Riley, Court Reporter 329-5566 [email protected]



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Criminal Division (criminal case filings, post bail bonds)
PHONE: 440-329-5538
FAX: 440-329-5404