Figure out your promotion strategy

In addition to investing time and energy into creating your branded TikTok profile and videos, you can supercharge your TikTok marketing with influencers and paid advertising.

Influencer marketing puts your brand and products in front of someone else’s audience, serving as social proof. And influencer marketing is huge on TikTok, especially as it’s a creator-focused platform, like Snapchat.

Shopify merchant Peace Out Skincare partnered with an influencer to promote its acne line. The brand gifted its products to TikTok influencers, two of whom collaborated on a video.

The video earned 12 million views, 2.4 million likes, 60,000 shares, and $15,000 in product sales in a single day. The video trended for months after its original posting, fueling a steady stream of sales past that initial surge.

To work with influencers in your own TikTok marketing strategy, scout influencers on the platform to see who resonates with your industry and audience. Reach out through messages directly on the platform and send free products in exchange for a video of their experience and honest feedback. This is great for marketing and also product teams.

As far as paid advertising goes, TikTok Ads Manager grants you access to a set of tools that can help you increase visibility of your ads to a defined audience. Shopify merchant Omolola Jewellery uses a combination of organic and paid TikTok posts to reach new audiences. This has been especially helpful in supporting its business during the pandemic, when customers can’t visit Omolola’s physical store.

Become a Pro user to get more data

According to SocialBoosting in digital marketing, it can be easy to get caught up in the exciting aspects of creating and executing content ideas. But there’s more to TikTok marketing than simply coming up with popular content. Building a brand is one thing, but building a brand that adds revenue to the bottom line is another.

It starts with knowing what metrics to measure and why. Fortunately, Pro TikTok accounts (which are free to create) offer content creators detailed analytics about their followers, traffic, and engagement. You can view data for things like:

  • Seven- and 28-day lookbacks at follower count
  • Video views, playback time, likes, comments, and shares
  • Traffic source
  • Profile views
  • Audience demographics like gender, location, age, etc.
  • Other content your audience likes (videos and sounds)
  • Your trending videos

You can also look at global data points like hashtag views and use the Discover tab to see what’s trending.

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